We want to create something intuitive and impactful

No matter if you are an individual or work for a large corporation, data-driven insights should be accessible and understandable to everybody. Rare Elements is building a portfolio of AI social intelligence products for consumers, and for different industries. 

Whether it's Facebook's many cases or the landmark "Reddit-GameStop" story, the impact of social media is undeniable. We analyze the many real-time data and extract valuable insights suitable for you. 

Our Story

Rare Elements was founded in 2020 from the team’s first-hand pain in incorporating data into their decision-making, at home or at work. The data are excessive and fragmented. Dashboards are too difficult to understand and ineffective.

We want to create something different. Through our founders’ shared expertise in the tech industry, they decided to build an intuitive, yet impactful product, rooted in artificial intelligence.Based in Hong Kong and Germany, we have an international and dynamic team, with diverse experiences in leading companies such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Uber.We are creating and curating a portfolio of social intelligence products for everyone to unlock their “rare elements”.